~Kanariya Eiraku,
English Rakugo Performer~

About Eiraku

His stage name Eiraku means
English is fun’.
He wants Japanese learners of English to enjoy studying English.
He also sings Japanese songs in English with ukulele.

His real name is Tatsuya Sudo and he teaches at Kanda University of International Studies and Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages.

His brief history is as follows.

・Graduated with Bachelors in English at Sophia University, Faculty of Foreign Studies, in 1981
・Graduated with Masters in TESOL at Temple University in 1994
・Participated in Rakugo Tatekawa-ryu founded by Tatekawa Danshi in 1984
・Started Japanese Rakugo classes in 1991
・Started English Rakugo classes in 2007

Eiraku performs Rakugo in English at international organizations such as JICA and foreign embassies and at educational institutions at all levels from elementary schools to colleges. He believes Rakugo is quite beneficial in life and English Rakugo will help people acquire English language, develop a sense of humor, and improve presentation skills.

The following is the web page where you can find information about his English Rakugo classes and English Rakugo recitals.
Getting Ready

About Eiraku, and the way to be a English Rakugo Performer

To enjoy "Rakugo"

Songs in English with ukulele

Sugarcane fields

Born in shiba