About "Kaiten Sensei"

“回転先生-Kaiten Sensei-”は活きた日常英会話の宝庫!

英語指導歴30年超の大ベテラン、Herman先生(現在、神田外語学院 教員)による、笑いあり涙ありのオリジナルストーリー!



Kaiten Sensei=Herman Bartelen
(Writer / Voice actor)

Herman is an English educator, musician and writer and has lived in Japan for more than 30 years. He has written nine English textbooks and has created nine music CDs of original music. He is a big supporter of learning English through drama and music.


How to Study!~1

How to use ‘Kaiten Sensei’ for study purposes

Listen many times

Listen many times to the same episode. At one point, read the script carefully to make sure you understand what the characters are saying. Also look up any unknown words or phrases that you do not know.

Create a vocabulary list

Create a vocabulary list for unknown words. Read through each script and find the words or expressions that you do not know and then make a vocabulary notebook that you review periodically.


Shadowing. The technique of shadowing is very good and will help you improve your speaking and punciation skills. There are several ways to do the shadowing technique.

How to Study!~2

How to use ‘Kaiten Sensei’ for study purposes.

Reading & listening

3-a. Reading & listening. Read the script while you listen to the audio recording. Notice how words are pronounced or said quickly. Notice how the words are joined together and how some sounds are changed or not said.

Reading, listening and speaking

3-b. Reading, listening and speaking. While listening and reading the script, stop the audio recording periodically, and then repeat what you just listened to. You can stop the audio after one sentence, or after a longer period. Try to imitate the intonation, rhythm and stress patterns of the recording.

Reading, listening and speaking

3-c. Reading, listening and speaking. This is the same as ‘b.’ above, but instead of stopping the audio recording, you ‘shadow’ while you are listening. This means that you don’t have to stop the recording. Try to imitate the intonation, rhythm and stress patterns of the recording.

How to Study!~3

How to use ‘Kaiten Sensei’ for study purposes.

Reading the script out loud

Reading the script out loud. Read the script out loud to yourself and put feeling into the reading. If you have a friend who is listening to the Kaiten Sensei program also, read the scripts with your friend.

Listen again, and again

Listen again as many times as possible. Each time you will get more used to listening to English that is conversational and natural.

Keep a grammar notebook

Keep a grammar notebook. If you notice any grammar points that you don't know, or are not so familiar with, write sentences in a notebook. Write your own example, and study these periodically.

Our Team

Deborah Grow

(Voice actor)


Anthony DiGiulio

(Animator / Voice actor)


Jeffrey Jousan

(Singer, songwriter)


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